Tonya Tyus Parker

Tonya has always been intuitively blessed with a multitude of skills and has been able to gain a broad array of employment opportunities both as a teenager in Ohio and as a single mom here in California. As a single parent for over 10 years, Tonya has always possessed a strong work ethic and the ability to train, teach, motivate, and facilitate these skills in others with her “We Can” attitude.  Read More

Tonya Presenting – Strength, Courage & Wisdom – April 29, 2017


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Listen to The Impact Hour, The Journey with Tonya Tyus Parker

Making a significant difference in the lives of other people is a journey. Tonya richly shares her experience building women up, from her experience as a job developer to her work now as a “Soulpreneur coach.” Plus, you’ll learn about a great opportunity to uncover and embrace how truly awesome you are at this weekend’s: “You Are Your Gifts” VIP Event.

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What is a Soulpreneur? Someone who makes a choice to rise up and work their light in a soul-driven career or business.

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